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Your Life of Palm Beach

Design and Purchasing: Mosaic Design Studio

Our Immersion chair is a beautiful addition to this senior community. It’s features include LED lighting softly cast onto walnut base, (2) USB charging ports, and Sound by Samuelson; our uniquely transmitted Bluetooth sound technology for individual private listening.

The first unique detail you will notice is the LED lit area surrounding the base of the chair. This casts a soft glow and provides just the right amount of drama to a room.

When it comes to LEDs, we exclusively use the best product on the market. 

We do that for a few reasons: 

1.   We only want the very best going into our fine furniture. 

2.   We use LED that is fully UL rated specifically for use in furniture. Why is this important? If an inferior LED product is used there is a serious risk of fire or other breakdown issues that can take place. 

3.  The product in most of our applications is “plug & play,” meaning there is no cutting, splicing or soldering needed when installing our furniture. Simply plug it in and it is good to go!

This chair incorporates Sound by Samuelson. Intense research and development have culminated our unique patent pending product, transforming our chairs into a fully capable Bluetooth speaker. Unlike typical gaming chairs, we do not use a commonly found directional firing speaker. Rather, we have turned the chair itself into the speaker for a fully immersive experience!

* US Patented


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