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Explore the section below for the story of Samuelson Legendary Furniture.

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This is where we came from. This is where it started.

In 1935, my father Samuel and grandfather Harry partnered together to start their business, Invincible Parlor Frame Co. in Paterson, New Jersey. Manufacturing unfinished frames to local upholsterers began the 85-year journey that leads us to today.

My father, kept a sharp focus on the direction of the company as he explored opportunities for their growing business. Creating meaningful relationships with European furniture makers whose artisan products resonated with his vision brought a new dimension to Invincible. These became the building blocks that enabled the company to grow beyond their humble dreams.

My father’s underlying relationships with the finest people and companies in the industry were as meaningful as providing them the best quality. The company grew with employees that were treated as family. This was and remains the heart and soul of Samuelson today.

I learned about leadership during the years I spent working by my father’s side. His honesty, commitment and kindness serve as the bedrock of our company. As a result, we have a team of talented women and men and a supply chain that is second to none in the industry.

As the fourth generation entered the business we honored my father with the corporate name Samuelson Furniture.

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Although the world around us has changed and the furniture which we provide incorporates creative technology and forward thinking design, it is fueled by 85 years of experience and evolution. Yet we remain a family business and together with my son Michael, we strive to fulfill the legacy of Harry and Samuel.

Some mornings when I arrive early, I walk through the factory across time worn floors. Before the start of the day, I glance up to the rafters. Hundreds of furniture frame parts and patterns collected through the decades hang proudly above.

This is where we come from. This is where it started. 





President / CEO

Samuelson Furniture

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Samuelson Furniture: a fourth generation family-owned company dedicated to  providing high-end case goods and seating for the hospitality, residential and senior living sectors. . Over the span of more than 85 years, Samuelson's foundation has always been quality, service and integrity.

Co-Founders: Samuel Chalfin (left) and father Harry Chalfin (right)

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Our team in New Jersey is comprised of dedicated personnel,

some of whom have been with us for over 50 years.

Samuelson Furniture values the customer relationships we have built and maintained through the years. We are a team… accessible, dependable and appreciative of our success. 

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Concept Development

Our experience lends valuable insights to design interpretation and solution. We provide in-house CAD design, model-making and concept development.


We work closely with you to ensure each piece of Samuelson Furniture functions well for its environment, while keeping your design intact and aesthetically pleasing.

Custom Fit for your project

The end result speaks for itself... take a look through our Hospitality Portfolio section!

The End Result

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