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Introducing our patent-pending, cutting-edge building platform for custom millwork and panels.

BUILD Walls by Samuelson presents a unique opportunity for designers, specifiers, and owners alike to create endless design configurations for projects. Our user-friendly platform simplifies the creation of customized millwork, presenting transformational design concepts while streamlining the selection process and eliminating time-sensitive CAD revisions.

BUILD Walls allows users to incorporate beautiful product add-ons including LED lighting, storage, cantilevered shelves, nightstands, headboard panels, cabinetry, work surfaces, and end tables. Numerous material options are available to elevate the design story of each piece, including various wood veneer species, fabric, metal, stone, laminate and wall coverings. Each component is attached to the panel using proprietary brackets, prioritizing safety and allowing for full weight support––giving specifiers peace of mind.

The applications of BUILD Walls are endless, spanning industries such as hospitality, healthcare, residential, and corporate interiors.

Upon opening the software, you will start off customizing the dimensions of a room. Begin by placing your panel selection on the wall. Choose from flat panels, shiplap panels or slatted panels. From there, over 100 different add-on elements are available to customize the project further, including shelves, drawer boxes, canopies, dressers, and wardrobe cabinets. A scaled grid is available to assist you in placing elements into the program by dimension. A selection of pre-designed rooms are also available to provide inspiration and guidance.

Once the design is completed, you will receive the specified wall information and a rendering of the wall, including dimensions, in minutes, reducing four to six weeks of work during the design and engineering phase and eliminating the red line and CAD processes. From there, our team will receive the renderings, dimensions, and parts list of the project, allowing for a quick turnaround on quotes. BUILD Walls completely reforms design development, facilitating a more hands-on involvement from all parties while reducing the frustration and delays that can come from the traditional process.

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