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Welcome to Sound by Samuelson!

We have engineered an exclusive and visionary solution to a universal need!

Intense research and development have culminated our unique patented product,  transforming our chairs into a fully capable Bluetooth speaker. Unlike typical gaming chairs, we do not use a commonly found directional firing speaker.  Rather, we have turned the chair itself into the speaker for a fully immersive experience!

This amazing technology allows the user to be enveloped in sound, and privately listen to their favorite song, audio book, tv show or game system, reducing the struggle or strain to hear.  No need to disturb others with high volume, as our system provides a pleasant audio experience while being completely integrated into the chair.

In addition, there are no exposed wires, holes cut for speakers, tacky volume knobs or buttons. Just a clean, beautifully designed piece of furniture that can be incorporated into any home or living community while providing high design and functionality. *US Patented

SOUND by Samuelson 


* US Patented

* US Patented

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