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Four Seasons New Orleans Design: Bill Rooney Purchasing: GS Associates Photography: Christian Horan

Custom Furniture

At Samuelson, we are real furniture manufacturers. Our factory in Paterson, NJ has been buzzing with furniture creativity since 1935. Hands-on woodworkers, finishers, upholsters, innovators, problem solvers and top management have served the needs at the highest level of the furniture industry with quality leadership throughout 90 years and four generations. Our experience and reputation has opened doors to partnering with the finest, like-minded manufacturers throughout Europe and Asia.  These long standing relationships enable us to fulfill your project needs on a larger scale while upholding the quality and ethical standards of the Samuelson brand. 

Custom furniture is identified as unique pieces tailored to specific needs. This means crafting and capturing the authenticity and individuality of you and your projects. Samuelson executes your design intent with precise detail and interpretation.

The Inside Story

It begins here

Our 60,000 square feet of factory, showroom and corporate offices have proudly resided right here, at this very location in Paterson, NJ since 1935. 

Corporate offices Paterson, NJ

What’s the big idea?

Share your idea, vision and thoughtful design concept with our design team

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In-house design studio

An aha moment

We find solutions through decades of experience and product development

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Built to last

In addition to superior craftmanship, our team incorporates fundamental principles of well-engineered furniture to insure safety and durability

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Need an update?

Our project management skills and communications provide you with precision drawings, updates and ongoing clarity of production milestones. Your personal project manager remains with you and your order from inception to installation.

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Project Management Team

Finishing touches

Luxury aesthetics are represented in the details of quality finishing and upholstery, techniques artistically executed here at Samuelson


We love the challenge

When custom, complex precision is called for, you can count on our ingenuity and team of creators to exceed expectations

Connie Jet TWA Design: Stonehill & Taylor Purchasing: Parker International Photography: David Mitchell

Our pathway to your success

Take advantage of our skills!  As our thoughtful engineers and innovators begin your product development, models and prototypes, we anticipate and suggest modifications as needed to assure successful execution of your design.  This collaboration eliminates costly and disastrous errors prior to production of your order, whether in NJ, Europe or Asia locations. 

As our team stays close to our sources through daily communications and travel, it ensures that you and your project achieve the result you have come to expect from Samuelson Furniture. 

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Our Samuelson Family

Visitors welcome here!

You are invited to our factory, design studio and state of the art showroom to see how it’s done. Enjoy a tour of a working factory as you meet our dedicated team.

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