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Design: Gettys
Purchasing: Mainsail Lodging & Development

The Epicurean, a Marriott Autograph Hotel in Tampa, FL is a unique paradise. It combines an indulgence for fine food with luxury accommodations for an enhanced travel experience. Samuelson proudly provided challenging and creative furniture.  

Eat... Then Rest

The subtle luxury of this hotel and its guest rooms is reflective of the culinary ambiance and local area. Soft sunlight filters into the rooms, enhancing the décor and culinary wall art. The following are just a few special furniture selections.


A stunning headboard is divided into an upper and lower panel. The lower panel in a soft taupe finish is a beautiful backdrop to the tonal bed pillows. Above, an outer frame of pearlized white lacquer surrounds an elegantly finished pearlized taupe panel.  


The nightstands with protective glass tops include full extension drawers dove tailed front and back. 


A handsome luggage bench is designed in a solid maple with high polished casters at each leg. We incorporated stainless steal ribs that sit proud of the surface to protect the furniture from heavy use and luggage. In keeping with culinary indulgence, we provided an attractive wall hung wine rack to house very selective bottles of wine left for guests to enjoy.

Great For A Chef

Samuelson was presented with an interesting challenge… create a desk… with a butcher-block top as well as glass inset sections!  This was to be crafted from real, traditional butcher-block material, which generally does not lend itself to hospitality use. The nature of butcher-block requires special treatment of the wood by oiling the surface on a consistent basis.  Part of its beauty and character are ring stains and wear… great for any kitchen, but not so for this application!


Typical finishing materials could not be used as they would seal the wood and not allow it to breath and move; expand with heat, and contract with cold. After much experimentation, we came up with a proprietary method to finish the butcher block that would give it the proper protection from water stains while still maintaining the wood’s ability to breath and move. The result was both a design solution as well as providing the customer with exactly what they wanted. Win-win!


This example is one of the many reasons our customers come to us: our ability to not only build exceptional product, but have the experience and mindset to engineer pieces for their specific requirements.


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