Our collection of unique furniture transforms a senior living space with upscale design elements while addressing the needs of a community seeking durable, well designed products to enhance lifestyle experiences.

Extensive ergonomic research has been the foundation of this collection. Our seat heights and depths have been engineered for ease of entry and exit. Our chair arms are built to handle heavy use, allowing full body weight to be supported as they are used for leverage in and out of the seat. We have designed the pitch of our chairs to be comfortable while not allowing your body to fall too deeply into the chair. Each detail has been painstakingly engineered and tested to meet the needs of a senior community.

Whether activities include lounging, dining, or visiting, our goal is to promote a positive environment, through safety, quality, and elegance.  As seniors imagine their future, they exercise careful choice in a community they will call home.  Our family takes great pride in the product we craft, and we hope our offerings bring that sense of home and community to your space.

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Special Features:

All chairs are Ergonomically designed for senior living communities

All chairs have solid wood construction using fitted corner blocks

Reinforced arms can support full body weight

Removeable components for ease of reupholstering

Innovative Options:

*US Patent Pending

*US Patent Pending


We have engineered an exclusive and visionary solution to a universal need! 

Intense research and development have culminated our unique patent pending product, transforming our chairs into a fully capable Bluetooth speaker. Unlike typical gaming chairs, we do not use a commonly found directional firing speaker.  Rather, we have turned the chair itself into the speaker for a fully immersive experience! Learn More

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*US Patent Pending


Catch by Samuelson provides a thoughtful solution to clutter in dining, public areas, and hallways. Our patent pending hardware suspends a folded walker on the back of our chairs, creating more space and less confusion in common areas of the community.   Focused research and development has culminated in a distinctively designed, functional hardware option for our chair backs. Catch by Samuelson also acts beautifully as a pull to move the chair in and out from a table. Learn More 

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*US Patent Pending


Tilt by Samuelson is our solution to a common cleaning problem.  Our discreet system allows the seat of our chairs to tilt forward, exposing a drop-through frame.  Crumbs and debris are easily swept away, and the seat, once again, can be returned to its resting position. We have thoughtfully engineered this hygienic system to facilitate  a simple, single-step service. Learn More

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This selection of senior living projects, features furniture

that has been crafted by Samuelson. Each project has a unique story to tell...

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At Samuelson we have a wide range of custom capabilities. Learn more about our custom work here. Let us bring your concept to reality.

Our finishes are the finest quality and aesthetic finishes in the contract industry

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