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Design: Looney + Associates
Purchasing: Neil Locke & Associates

Tysons Corner is an edge city community within the Washington DC metropolitan area. The Hyatt Regency, with its upscale design, is a perfect mainstay for visitors to the area. Ultra modern rooms with expansive windows awash in natural light provide a fabulous setting for furniture by Samuelson.   

A Cut Above

A special feature of this project was incorporating Australian Lacewood as a wood enhancement.  Lacewood has a beautiful graining pattern when quarter or rift cut. It creates “rays” that produce a very pronounced and stunning lacelike pattern in the wood. The pattern is created when slicing through the veining of these “rays” which exposes highs and lows in the lumber.   

This wood and treatment can be particularly difficult to work with. Those highs and lows in the lumber that give it such as beautiful look also make it difficult to veneer with. The problem being that the veneer wants to twist and crack during the processing - it takes a skilled shop to work with this material and produce a consistent product with it.


The headboards were all done in Lacewood with individually upholstered 8” panels that are produced in a variety of thicknesses, giving the upholstered sections of the headboard a 3D look. There are a total of 21,142 individually upholstered panels that adorn these headboards throughout the property! 

Suite Slumber

The regal king canopy bed featured in the special suites is notable with its four stately walnut bedposts and polished nickel canopy above.  Upholstered headboard and bed rails complete the look. The complimentary night stands with their walnut finish and recessed power hubs make a handsome presentation.

Work Flow

Our desk/ dresser/ beverage cabinets offer attractive and functional character to the room. They feature a double door compartment for a mini fridge and accompanying snacks. Three drawers with solid maple drawer boxes are fully dovetailed front and back, and bottom mounted with soft close slides. All are finished in the same striking Lacewood as the headboards.

One of the most interesting details of this piece is the boomerang desk that extends off the side of the cabinetry. It is wrapped in a faux shagreen wall covering and sealed using a proprietary finish Samuelson has carefully developed over time. This finish completely seals both the wall covering and the furniture, allowing it to be used as the writing surface on the desk. The base supporting the far end of the desk is a striking U shaped metal leg of stainless steel. 


The bathroom vanities are finished in the same striking Lacewood, with U shaped metal legs and a beautiful stone-finished top. To prevent issues common to a high moisture area, our vanities always incorporate Marine Grade Plywood. In addition, metal legs are made from stainless steel for durability and long-term use in this environment.


This example is one of the many reasons our customers come to us: our ability to not only build exceptional product, but have the experience and mindset to engineer pieces for their specific requirements.


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