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Design: EoA
Purchasing: Martin Stringfellow Associates

Come Sail Away

To create the aura and nautical vibe that reflect the beautiful Newport RI coastal area, Samuelson worked with the design team on conceptual elements that might achieve this goal.

You're Glowing

Our clever use of LED lighting plays a prominent role in producing an illusion of natural light emitted from behind the sailcloth. 

To further the impact of some unique attributes, note exposed dovetail drawer fronts, cantilevered nightstands, hand painted striping and polished white quartz tops. Hand stitched upholstered detail on the headboard and luggage bench replicates nautical themes.

Thanks to our creative engineering and use of LED lighting, realistic, gradient light shines through the sailcloth shade with the flick of a switch.


We spent a great deal of time engineering the cabinetry to incorporate the LED lights and to give off this type of glow.


When it comes to LEDs, we exclusively use the best product on the market. We do that for a few reasons:

  • We only want the very best going into our fine furniture.

  • We use LED that is fully UL rated specifically for use in furniture. Why is this important? If an inferior LED product is used there is a serious risk of fire or other breakdown issues that can take place.

  • The product in most of our applications is “plug & play,” meaning there is no cutting, splicing or soldering needed when installing our furniture. Simply plug it in and it is good to go!


Cantilever nightstands offer the benefit of a suspended bedside table without the footprint.  Unsupported by a typical base or leg detail, this design provides a floating concept, perfect for the Newport seaside ambience.   Special exposed dovetail drawer detail further enhances their character.

Being in a hospitality environment, these products are going to be sat upon, used as leverage to get in and out of the bed and generally abused in ways that you wouldn’t encounter in a residential setting. Cantilever nightstands, jetting right off the wall, require proper engineering. 

Samuelson puts them to the safety test, demonstrating our assurance that they will not deflect under the full weight of a grown man!


This example is one of the many reasons our customers come to us: our ability to not only build exceptional product, but have the experience and mindset to engineer pieces for their specific requirements.


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