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9065L-H- Hip Height Game Table

9065L-H- Hip Height Game Table

Game tables are a place of gathering, social interaction and leisure conversation.  Offered in 36” hip height to accommodate our hip chairs, this savvy, functional table is perfect for board games, card games, checkers, or whatever the momentary favorite. Unique design elements of this table include a zig/zag rattan base shown trimmed in metal detail.  The square top bordered in 4” wood is available with variety of insets including wood, vinyl, stone, and glass.  This table is a perfect companion to the comfort of our LIVING chairs and sofas, promoting socialization and interactive engagement.  (Also available in 30” height #9065L)


Height: 36"  |  91.44cm

Width: 42"  |  106.7cm

Length: 42"  |  106.7cm




AVAILABLE FINISHES: All finishes are available for this product. Please speak to your sales representative to learn more.

View finishes here



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