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Christopher - 9058L-H - Hip Height Chair

Christopher - 9058L-H - Hip Height Chair

Our hip chairs are specifically designed with a higher seat to reduce stress on joints, require less bending when sitting or standing, and eliminate risks of falling when entering and exiting the chair.  Created for function as well as style, our unique hip chair delivers an important option to a senior community.  In addition, it  provides subtle design elements such as the wood exposed, semi-upholstered arm, gently curved back, and center notch on front and back of walnut base.  Engineered specifically with senior living comfort in mind, sitting, standing and relaxing are easily accomplished with ergonomic design and quality.  Lumbar support, arm, seat height, pitch and depth assure healthy sitting posture.

Innovative Options:
Tilt by Samuelson is our solution to a common cleaning problem. Our discreet system allows the seat of our chairs to tilt forward, exposing a drop-through frame. We have thoughtfully engineered this hygienic system to facilitate a simple, single-step service


Height: 38.5"  |  97.8cm

Width: 23.5"  |  59.7cm

Overall Depth: 23.75"  |  60.3cm

Seat Height: 24.5"  |  62.23cm

Seat Depth: 19” | 48.26cm

Arm Height: 32.5"  |  82.55cm

COM Yardage: 5




AVAILABLE FINISHES: All finishes are available for this product. Please speak to your sales representative to learn more.

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