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CNC Machines - Keeping our Furniture a Cut Above

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Keeping ahead of the trends is paramount here at Samuelson Furniture, and to accomplish this we must continually invest in our business. After all, being in a family owned and operated business for more than 80 years means we never rest on our laurels. We must continually invest in our future to provide our clientele with the most exceptional results and ensure our position as industry leaders for many more decades to come.

For this reason, Samuelson Furniture has significantly invested in new equipment for our corporate factory/home office facility here in Paterson, NJ. This investment includes 20 new machines including Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines, the most advanced tool available to us as furniture manufacturers.

“We’re making a serious investment in our domestic operation to help us further streamline manufacturing,” says Michael Chalfin, Executive Vice President of Samuelson. “This allows us to plan out and engineer difficult designs being implemented in the quickly transforming hotel environment.”

“Equally important, we are enhancing our commitment to American craftsmanship. While remaining committed to foreign manufacturing, we are adding resources here to better serve customers and allow us to develop our next generation workforce,” says Lawrence Chalfin, President of Samuelson.

CNC machines provide our experienced craftspeople with more ways in which to be creative while meeting the needs of today’s hotel designers. These computer controlled machines, have great efficiency in crafting precise, dimensional cuts and forms while reducing waste and valuable time. This technology enables Samuelson to further expand our ability to create custom prototypes of seating, public area furnishings, and specialty products in our NJ factory. Expediting product development, engineering and prototyping is an asset to meeting critical project timelines.

Cuts that were seemingly impossible before, for example, can now be accomplished repeatedly, and effectively produced as identical.  In addition, CNC machines reduce multiple operations on several machines to a single load on one machine.  Our new machines can cut, shape, mold, carve and bore either solid lumber or panel stock, one piece at a time, or multiple pieces simultaneously, depending on the type of work being done.

“We will be able to further streamline our domestic manufacturing, as we operate on materials that would normally be quite cumbersome. This greatly enhances our current operation as we execute complex, and highly creative designs with precision on a larger scale” says Michael. 

“CNC machines are the most sophisticated machines out there. They are extremely precise,” says Larry. “Once machines are programmed, we can produce any quantity efficiently. This is extremely important for our purchase and design clientele, wanting to include items that do not require large quantities but have an inspirational design concept. This may involve small multiples, one-offs, or a single focal point item. Initial engineering of the product allows us to repeat it as often as necessary”.

Michael states, “In keeping current with the demands of our clientele to provide best value, accurate design execution and timely delivery, our new CNC machines significantly demonstrate our commitment to leadership in hospitality furniture manufacturing.

We’d love to show you our expanding facilities and our new equipment. Connect with us and experience in-person and hands on how Samuelson Furniture is continuing to enhance our capabilities.

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